Homosexuella pingviner i snaskigt triangeldrama!!!

Gay Penguins Harry, Pepper Split Up Updated: Friday, 17 Jul 2009, 10:00 AM EDT Published :

 Friday, 17 Jul 2009, 9:59 AM EDT * By FRANK CARNEVALE (MYFOX NATIONAL) -

A sad week for celebrity romance: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson ; Richard Jefferson and Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols ; and now Harry and Pepper. Seems that Harry and Pepper, a gay penguin couple, have split and you can blame a female penguin.

Magellanic penguins Harry and Pepper have been together for six years at the San Francisco Zoo. They shared a burrow on the zoo's Penguin Island and even hatched a surrogate chick and raised it together. But after Linda's mate Fig died, she became interested in Harry. The interest led to a confrontation between Pepper and Harry. And zoo keepers had to separate all three penguins.

The zoo said that now Harry and Linda have paired up and even have a chick of there own. As for Pepper, "We're all curious to see who Pepper turns his attention to next," said Harrison Edell, curator of birds at the zoo . And according to SFGate.com Edell is getting many e-mails from people who are outraged that Harry and Pepper split up. Another same-sex penguin couple, Z and Vielpunkt , two male Humboldt penguins at Germany's Bremerhaven Zoo, who recently hatched their surrogate





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